A Few of My Favourite Fashion Tunes

A lot of us live our lives to an internal soundtrack. Some of us make playlists and listen to tunes all day long. When I taught Fashion, we studied the interrelationship of fashion and the music industry. Some students created music videos based on songs about fashion. Those were fun!

There are loads (see what I did there? A terrible laundry/fashion pun….) of tunes that have fashion as their theme or topic. Songs often combine the perennial topic of love with fashion. It’s all good.

We are very lucky to be living in these times when we have access to all the past pop music on Youtube, as well as current hits. So, keeping with the fashion theme of this blog, I thought I might make a quick hits list of a few fashion tunes that I like.

The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me  — Bryan Adams
Style — Taylor Swift
T-shirt — The Beaches (live performance)
She Ain’t Pretty — The Northern Pikes (not a polished video, just a bystander’s on-set video of a single take; a cool backstage glimpse)
Jeans On
 — David Dundas (this one doesn’t have a video, but the tune is an earworm for sure)

Watch for more, or make your own playlist and suggest tunes for Discoveries’ next list!