Age-Appropriate Clothing ..... Seriously??

My friend’s significant other told her the other day that the ripped jeans she was wearing were “not age-appropriate”. Seriously?!! I am so ticked off!!

In my twenties, I was so busy building a career and fighting to be taken seriously that I never had the chance to take fashion risks. Now I am at an age that I can dress the way I want and be damned with the reactions of others. I cannot underestimate the frustration I would feel if I felt that I had missed my chance to dress the way I want.

To be honest, I know that not everyone cares like I do about this. Lots of people may be happy to have fashion rules to follow. My friend loves clothes and has never indicated that she felt ‘too old’ for certain garments so I am taking the liberty of projecting my own feelings onto her situation. She may not feel the same way I do.

I think personally that there is such a thing as situationally appropriate clothing. A hiking guide should probably not show up for work in high heels and a skirt suit. And if you work in a conservative environment, perhaps you shouldn’t wear goth gear to the office. And of course, if you want a specific reaction from the people you encounter, then you can help that along by choosing garments that evoke those reactions.

But I have a real problem with arbitrary blanket judgements, like ‘age-appropriateness’. If you argue with me on a single element, I might give in to keep the peace but likely, I won’t really agree. In fact, I admire the elderly grannies who wear kids’ size light-up running shoes. I admire the teens experimenting with grey hair. I admire people who have the guts to dress differently from the norm.

So I hate it when people try to impose their own ideas and control the fashion choices of others, for no good reason. You don’t like it, don’t look!

You wanna tell me I’m not ‘age-appropriate’? I might just have an inappropriate reaction!

(p.s. My friend went out and bought half a dozen pairs, and looks great in them.)