Designer Trends for Fall & Winter 2019 (for women)

It usually takes a year or so for the women’s fashions shown by high end designers to trickle down to the rest of us, so if you want, you can think of this post as advance notice of what will be for sale in your local stores in 2020 and 2021.

The runways of Paris, London, Milan and New York showed an unusual consistency for Fall and Winter 2019/20.  After years of wildly varying offerings, it seems that for once they all got the same memo. The most obvious trend is a return to the early 1980s. Of course, it has been approximately 25 years since preppy style took the world by storm, so perhaps it’s to be expected.

Anyway, the most dominant styles to appear repeatedly this fall include:
1. Preppy style. This year’s essential elements are:
     a. Hip length blazers, gently fitted or belted (wider belts only though)
     b. Calf or ankle-length pleated skirts, worn with boots or kitten heels
     c. Turtlenecks, worn with long pendant necklaces
     d. Scarves tied in a bow at the neck, jauntily off to one side
2. All black outfits—head to toe black. (Occasionally an all-black outfit was shown with one or two red accessories.) (Hmmm…..Didn’t we see this about ten years ago?)
3. Red. Bright red. Worn with more red. Monochrome red.
4. Camel. Overcoats, blazers, pant suits. (Brown tweeds were present too.)
5. Leather. Jackets, blazers, pants, skirts, trench coats. Lots of leather.
6. High waists on pants and skirts.
7. Wide leg pants—some with pleats(!!!) and pockets, often worn with runners or masculine chunky-soled flats.
8. Chunky or architectural heels on high boots (calf-high or knee-high). Hide your ankle booties under your pants this fall.
9. Masculine style loafers or lace-up oxfords with a chunky sole.
10. Trench coats or chesterfield-style overcoats.
11. Dresses and blouses and skirts in florals printed on a black background.
12. Large black and white plaid or houndstooth patterned suits and fedoras.
13. Suits. Moderately fitted jacket with a skirt or pants. No more ‘shrunken’ fits, no 1980s super-shoulders either.
14. Long tousled shag haircuts (a la Joan Jett), aviator-style sunglasses, saddle bag purses, puffer style coats, and leopard print footwear and scarves all showed up too.

There is talk in the high fashion world this fall of upcycling and sustainability, but it’s just talk. They are in the business of selling newly-manufactured items, and probably don’t really want you to shop second hand, trade with friends, re-purpose vintage garments or upcycle items you already own.

If you really want to be a part of the sustainability movement, I would recommend trusting your own fashion taste regarding upcycling and re-purposing of old materials and garments, rather than paying outlandish prices for designer versions.