Discoveries is Better Than a Thrift Shop

Discoveries is not exactly a thrift shop.    We are similar in price to other online or bricks-and-mortar thrift shops, but our customers have a better shopping experience, because we provide additional benefits. For example, one benefit is that we give you more information about the item than a typical online sales site provides.  We are a small Canadian business, with only a few workers, who are all invested in providing a good experience for you and who are committed to our ethical standards.   We are pleased to serve you.

Here are the major reasons why we are BETTER than a thrift shop:

#1. Our standards are higher. Our items are carefully inspected. They are clean, and if we find a stain, snag or other sign of wear, it is noted in the description and/or clearly photographed. Our standards are described in our FAQ section.   We are consistent in our standards. We won’t say something just to make a sale (that’s just not right.)  We put ourselves in the consumer’s position. We don’t try to use psychological tricks on you the way some advertising does.  We try our very best to be accurate.  We offer a retail experience but at thrift store price points.

#2. We want you to be pleased with the quality and condition of the item, not just the price. Most thrift stores are all about how low the prices are, so usually quality, condition and cleanliness are not guaranteed.  But at Discoveries, these things are paramount.  Quality, condition and cleanliness are our top priorities.  No unpleasant surprises.  If you have ordered from us before, you know how great our items are.  If this is your first order, welcome! We know your experience with us will quickly turn you into a repeat customer!

#3. We don’t pretend or exaggerate. We have standardized guidelines for our descriptions of the condition of our items. We won’t say an item is in excellent condition unless it really is. You can trust what you are getting. Please read our descriptions (in our FAQ section) and you will see!

#4. You have high expectations and we respect that. As discriminating consumers, our customers appreciate good quality, style and variety.  You also want to save money and help the environment.  At Discoveries, we believe shopping second hand is the ideal way to achieve all these goals.   

#5.  Our bottom line is sustainability, not profit growth.  What does this mean?  It means that we believe we are providing a useful service, and that while we need to make some profit so we can pay our bills, Discoveries doesn’t need to sacrifice ethics or quality just to create ever-increasing profits.  We are not trying to ‘make a killing’.   Businesses that are focused on sustainability rather than rapid growth demonstrate their trustworthiness and tend to remain in business for a long time.  We have set standards and guidelines for how we operate.  We invite you to read our FAQs  and see what we are all about.