Fan Request: Meet Our Mannequins

Some days are just annoying and after a particularly challenging photo session, I was venting my frustrations out loud.

“Minnie was getting on my nerves, so I switched to Eric, but all he wanted to do was arm wrestle.  Then Cody fought me all the way and I couldn’t get the garments on the kid.  Next up was Nancy, who was fine at first, but apparently she was just waiting for a chance to stomp on my foot and make me cry.  Tomorrow, I’m working with Wayne; I’m pinning all my hopes for a good day on him!”  

The customer (you know who you are)  laughed at the personalities of our mannequins and said that we really should introduce them to the other customers. 

So now you can know ‘who’  modeled your item before we packed it ready for shipping.

  • Minnie….. has more attitude than my teenager.  She wears our womens’ Small and Medium fashions.  She has a twin named Ginny.
  • Maevis….. loves jewelry and scarves.  She has been known to lend Eric a hand.
  • Eric….. is our slimmer male model.  He likes to arm wrestle.  He wears mens’ Medium size fashions most of the time.
  • Nancy…. has legs for days (and her arms are long too).  She often steps on my feet with her high heels.  She wears Medium and Large womens’ fashions.
  • Cody…. is like all kids—stubborn and doesn’t want to wear the clothes we suggest.
  • Wayne…. is so tall!  And he has abs to die for.  He wears mens’ Large and Extra Large sizes.

Like all models, our mannequins are taller than the average person.  (Just fyi, the latest stats say the average Canadian woman is about 5 foot 4, and the average Canadian man is either 5 foot 8, or 5 foot 10, depending which source you refer to.)

p.s.  Interestingly enough, once I ‘went public’ about our mannequins’ personalities, they immediately became more cooperative!  Things that make you go hmmm…..