Prints and Patterns Versus Solid Colours

When you open your closet door, what do you see? Ignore whether it is tidy or not. Just focus on the general colours. Do you get an impression of calmness? Busy-ness? Do you see vibrant prints and colours? Do you see a sea of neutrals? Close your eyes and squint until things look fuzzy. That general impression will reveal a lot about your preferences.

My preference up front:  I like solid colours. Especially black, black and more black. I do have some other colours. However, percentage-wise, I would say my closet contains about 5% prints or patterns.  So I am clearly a fan of solid colours.

I like solid colours for a few reasons:

One, they don’t often clash with other garments, so I have less to challenge me when trying to put together an outfit. (And I don’t have to change my clothes–laziness motivates me.)

Two, solid colours give me a sense of calm (okay, weird maybe, but whatever. I am a fan of peace and calm wherever I can find it).

Three, if I put together different colours in an unusual combination, I can create the illusion of an entirely new style for me. 

Four, people don’t seem to recall the plainer items as readily, so they may not realize just how often I wear my favourite items (I hope).

Five, I have this idea that if I wear solid colours, people will pay more attention to me and what I am saying than they do to my clothing or my looks. No idea if this is a delusion, but I’m going with it anyway.

However, there are also really good reasons to prefer prints over solid colours.  Many people cannot conceive of an outfit that does not contain at least one print, and some people are able to masterfully combine prints to great effect. (Think of men’s shirts and ties that coordinate prints).

Some reasons to prefer prints:

One, prints usually contain several colours, so you can coordinate or contrast with other garments to create variety. 

Two, if you need cheering up, prints have an inherent energy boost in them (science, science, blah, blah, blah, it has to do with eye movement and perception). 

Three, prints can be used to distract from or enhance your body’s features through optical illusion (I’ll do a post another time on tips for that).

Four, prints tend to show fading less quickly. 

And five, prints are already decorative, so you don’t need to pay as much attention to accessories.  

Maybe you vote for solid colours. Maybe you put prints on top. Maybe you can’t decide and one day you like solids; the next day you like prints and patterns.  If your preference changes daily, awesome!