Quick Tip - Odours

We all hate when something smells bad. (Just sayin’, but teenagers’ shoes are the absolute worst!) When something smells bad, we avoid it. And if you have a fave garment that you just cannot stand the smell of, when you wear it, you subconsciously hate the smell of yourself!

So, how to rescue an item that you need to de-smellify? Sometimes it just needs a good airing out. Shoes, especially, should have 24 hours between wearings. Sometimes you can put an item into the freezer for a day or two and that kills odour-causing bacteria.

But sometimes you just don’t have that kind of time. To remove odours from a garment (or shoes, or a purse…..) when there is no time to get it cleaned, just spray it with rubbing alcohol and allow it to dry. Presto, no more sweaty or smoky odours!

(Shout out for this tip to The Belleville Theatre Guild, who use this trick to keep their costumes fresh during a long run.)