Quick Tip - Stretch Jeans

Stretch jeans. Gotta love them. I hope whoever invented the process whereby spandex could be incorporated into woven fabrics got really rich. Because soooo many of us are grateful every time we pull on a pair of jeans. And don’t get me started on Thanksgiving Dinner, or Christmas Dinner, or Valentine’s Day chocolate, or any of the other reasons (including this pandemic) that we all eat a little too much and need our jeans to forgive us.

Until recently, only women’s jeans contained spandex. But in the last couple of years, menswear manufacturers seem to have realized that men might appreciate a little ‘give’ too. However, there appears to be a taboo against marketing spandex content to men the same way it is marketed to women.

If you are a woman, your jeans contain ‘stretch’.  If you are a man, your jeans have ‘flex’.  Lol.  As though women just need stretch when they bend but men are flexing their muscles. Seriously? Not even gonna discuss which muscles. Gender stereotypes strike again!  Okay, now that I am done laughing, let me talk about taking care of your stretch / flex jeans.

It’s simple. Avoid heat. Don’t use hot water when you wash them. Don’t dry them in the dryer.  And if anyone in your house is a relic from the 1980s and irons them, make them stop. Now. The heat destroys the elasticity and you will eventually get some pretty strange puckers and stretched-out patches. 

Full disclosure: my kid’s favourite jeans look ridiculous (because teens never listen to moms).