About Discoveries Clothing

Raise your expectations.

Discoveries Clothing sells new and nearly new clothing and accessories for women, men and children.  We offer good quality items in great condition at incredible prices.

All the items for sale have been repeatedly and thoroughly inspected. Items are clean and in great condition. We check that all buttons and zippers work.  

If we think an item is really special even though it has a small flaw, we photograph the flaw and point it out to you so you can make an informed purchase decision.

We believe strongly in recycling and re-using good garments so that they are kept out of landfills.  We support local charities through purchases and donations.  By shopping with us, you are helping the environment, charities and yourself!  

We offer a range of styles and items, but please remember, we are consignment/resale.  That means that there is ONLY ONE of the item you like.  Once it is sold, it is gone. 

We hope you find some things you like.  Happy shopping!