Money back guarantee. FREE shipping available. Only in Canada.
Money back guarantee. FREE shipping available. Only in Canada.
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General Information for Consignors

Consignors with Discoveries always receive 50% of the price at which an item is sold.  Your sales will be calculated and paid out monthly by cheque or e-transfer. 

Every time you submit items for consignment, we will need a Consignor Information Form filled out and sent with your items.  Your items will be assessed within thirty business days after they arrive. 

Discoveries reserves the right to decide which items we choose to sell in our store.  If some of your items are not suitable for us, we will donate them to one or more local charities.

Discoveries reserves the absolute right to set all prices, including sales and discounts.  For information on how we set our prices, read our FAQs.

The consignment period is 6 months from the date your items are put up for sale.  When the consignment period expires, any unsold items become the property of Discoveries.  We may donate them to charity, or we may decide to leave them for sale on the website, and if they sell later, you will still receive your consignment fee.