How Do I Measure Myself?

How do I measure myself so I can use the clothing measurements given?

 1.  Use a flexible tape measure (you can get one in the craft section of the dollar store).

2.   Never pull the tape tight.  Keep the tape level and straight around your body.  Just keep it flat and not saggy. Use either inches or centimetres.  At Discoveries, we try to use both, but our metric measurements are a teensy bit more accurate.  Measure over your underwear (including a bra, if you usually wear one).


Measure around your chest at nipple height.

Natural Waist

Measure your natural waist at the smallest part of your middle, usually about one or two inches (2.5 to 5 cm) above your belly button.


Measure your hips at the widest part of your bum.  For some people this is the middle of your butt, for others it is closer to the top of your thighs.  Measure both spots, and use the largest number.

Back Neck Length (or Garment Length for Tops)

These refer to the distance the garment falls downward from the prominent bone in the back of your neck (usually the third bump you can feel; approximately where a classic men’s T-shirt neckline seam would rest.)


Inseam refers to the length from crotch seam to hem.  Your preference will depend on your footwear choices, the width of the pant leg, etc.  For example, usually skinny jeans require a longer inseam to reach the ground than straight leg jeans.  Knowing your own inseam from crotch to ankle bone or to floor can help a lot.

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