How Does Discoveries Decide Prices?

Every item on the Discoveries website is priced at less than half of its original retail price. We research every item to find out what its original price was.  We go to the original retailer’s website, and find the item.  If the item is vintage, we tell you its original price; we do not adjust it.

We then determine our price. We have pricing guidelines according to the condition of the item.  Most of our items are priced below these guideline maximums.

Sometimes you will find an amazingly priced bargain. It might be better business to charge as much as we could, but it’s kind of fun to underprice a treasure and think about the happy customer who finds it!

In general, Discoveries prices are based on the following maximum guidelines:



New with Tags,  New

Less than 50% of original retail price

Like New,  Nearly New,


Up to 40% of original retail price

Very Good,  Good,  Fair

Up to 30% of original retail price