Sell With Discoveries—We Treat You Better and Pay You More

It's tiring, and time consuming, and tedious, but you know, you could actually do all this work all by yourself.  If you wanted to.  

You could prep your items, take several photos, write descriptions, research and set prices, upload your information to one of the online marketplaces, get yourself organized to take payment online, monitor the responses, reply to inquiries, negotiate with bidders, and then when you make a sale, package up your item(s), take them to the post office, and then pay to ship your packages………

……….or…………you could raise your expectations and….


We have received several inquiries from people who live far from us but who are interested in consigning with Discoveries.  So we are expanding our consignor list.  (Currently, we have consignors from Nova Scotia, Ontario and Alberta. It would be great to have consignors from every province and territory!)

 Here’s how you can JOIN OUR CONSIGNOR TEAM:

1.  Browse our site to get an idea of the kinds of items we accept and sell.  Especially, please note that the items we sell are in amazing condition.

2.  Search your closet and collect your unworn or gently worn items that you wish to sell.

(Please don’t send us anything that you might want back.   If any of your items are not suitable for us to sell, we will be donating them to a local charity.  We do NOT return unsuitable or unsold items.  All Discoveries decisions are final.)

3.  Wash your items. Check to make sure there are no visible signs of wear, no damage, no stains, no missing buttons, etc.  Your items need to be unworn, like new or nearly new.  Fold them neatly.  Since you are getting 50% of the selling price, you’ll want your items to be attractive and sell for more!

4.  Fill out and print your consignor form and enclose a copy with your items. Maybe keep a copy for yourself too.

5.  Choose how you will get your items to us.

We're sorry, but Discoveries Clothing CANNOT accept consignment items right now, due to the volume of uncatalogued inventory we have on hand.  Please check back later.  Do NOT send any items at this time.

6.  Wait for your items to sell. We will send you a cheque or email bank transfer for your sold items at one month intervals.  We currently have a 6 month consignment period.  After that, your items become the sole property of Discoveries and we may decide to remove your items from our site and donate them to a local charity.  Or….we may decide to continue to offer your items for sale, and if they sell, you will still receive your consignment fee.  

7.  Spend your money!