Our History

From the founder: 

“I have always loved fashion.  I learned to knit when I was a Brownie, and to sew when I was a Girl Guide. During high school, I worked in a fabric store and made my own clothes because I wanted trendy fashions and high quality (that I couldn’t afford to pay retail prices for). 

I still have the first second-hand garment I bought at age 17 (a vintage Armed Forces short black wool jacket) and I still wear it.

I also worked in the fashion industry in Toronto and taught Fashion courses for several years. It was so much fun!

A few years ago, when a local store owner was retiring, he offered to sell me the stock from his second-hand clothing store. How could I refuse?  We put some nice items online and away we went! 

Since then we have continued, adding items from consignors.  I feel lucky to be able to share my philosophy of good clothes, in good condition, at great prices. ”