What Does Each Condition Description Really Mean?

Raise your expectations.  
If you compare Discoveries to other thrift shops, you’ll see that we are pickier about the quality and condition of the items we sell.  

Our descriptions are different too.  Our ‘good condition’ items are everyone else’s ‘excellent’.  Yes, that’s right.  Raise your expectations.

We use several standard terms to describe the exact condition of an item:  new with tags, new, like new, nearly new, excellent, very good, good and fair.  Yes, that’s a lot of different terms.

Below are the explanations of how we decide an item’s condition:

New with tags

 New, with tags attached.


Has never been worn and has never been washed/cleaned.  

Like New

There is a chance that this has been worn once or washed once.  We can’t tell for sure, so we use this description if we are not certain if it is brand new or not.

Nearly New

This has been worn and washed once or twice but there are no signs of wear.


The item has been worn and washed but any signs of wear are almost invisible.

Very Good

Any signs of wear are only noticeable if you look very closely.


Some minor signs of wear, but only if you look for them.  


Shows some signs of wear, such as fading or another mild issue as noted and/or photographed.

Stained or otherwise flawed items will have the flaw noted in the ‘Item Description’, as well as a closeup photo so you can decide for yourself whether it is important to you.

If an item has signs of wear affecting aesthetics or functionality (eg., fraying from wear, thin areas, definite fading from wear, large or obvious stains, etc.), then the item is considered UNSELLABLE by Discoveries.